Another Sex and Drug Scandal Rocks the Vatican

Coming soon on the heels of the Cardinal Pell scandal come reports of a late-night Vatican police raid in which Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, 49, was arrested for cocaine possession. It is further alleged that a party was under way at the time of the arrest; the party has been described as a “homosexual orgy.” Capozzi serves as secretary to one of Pope Francis’ closest confidants, Francesco Coccopalmerio.

The arrest allegedly came about after neighbors in the building, which is the residence of many of the Vatican’s top officials, complained about a steady stream of late-night young male visitors to the apartment, as well as loud sounds of partying. It is further alleged that a luxury vehicle, displaying Vatican diplomatic license plates, was used to transport drugs to the apartment, which protected against scrutiny from Italian police.

Capozzi allegedly was arrested two months ago, yet the Vatican said nothing publicly about the scandal. News broke when an inside source apparently tipped off the Italian media.

At the time of the raid, Capozzi allegedly was so intoxicated from his cocaine use that he required hospitalization and detox. He subsequently is reported to have been sent on a “spiritual retreat.”

Meanwhile, Capozzi apparently remains in good standing with the Vatican, as his name remains in its customary place on the Vatican website.

The arrest comes shortly before Capozzi was set to be named a cardinal, allegedly due to Coccopalmeria’s patronage.

Coccopalmeria is known to have hinted at the positive aspects of same-sex relationships, and has favored loosening the Vatican’s restrictions on divorced Roman Catholics, which may prevent them from fully participating in the life of the church.

The story appears to have first broken in American media via Lifesite News and can be found at

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