Breaking News: Hearing Panel Prepared to Suspend +Bruno, Recommend Suspension of Efforts to Sell St. James the Great

A draft copy of the disciplinary hearing panel decision in the Title IV case against Bishop Bruno recommends that he be suspended for a period of three years. That would place +Bruno beyond the normal mandatory requirement age of 72.

Affirming that the bishop diocesan has the authority to sell diocesan property, the panel noted the importance of standing committee participation in such matters as an element of Episcopal polity. 

The hearing panel further noted that while it no doubt has the authority to issue an order regarding the property, the best way to move towards healing is via a deliberate process of reconciliation, disclosure, and truth telling. It therefore strongly recommended that the diocese cease efforts to sell the property and begin that process of reconciliation.

The opinion is being circulated to the complainants for comment, and should be finalized once that input is received.

Details on Episcopal Cafe.

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