Breaking News: SurvivingChurch.Org Reports Second Sex Scandal In the Church of England

The English website dedicated to exposing clergy abuse,, reports a second major sex scandal may be about to break in the Church of England.

According to the Surviving Church blog, Matthew (Matt) Ineson, an Anglican priest, himself allegedly sexually abused at age 16,  first reported this experiences in 2013. Per, those receiving his report included the Diocesan Bishop, Steven Croft and Bishop Peter Burrows with copies to the Archbishop of York (the notorious John Sentamu). By 2015, with the help of a solicitor, Matt had submitted a complaint under the Clergy Discipline Measure against his abuser and the six senior clergy who had failed to respond appropriately to his serious allegation of sexual abuse. This Clergy Discipline Measure proved to have a legal limitation. All the accused have hidden behind a provision that states that a complaint must be made within a calendar year of an offence. An extension can be agreed only if the accused concur. Needless to say, the rapist and the six senior clergy have not wanted to surrender this protection afforded to them under church regulations. Meanwhile Trevor Devamanikkan (the alleged perpetrator) has removed himself from the scene, prior to his criminal trial, by recently committing suicide.

Visit to learn why some suspect that the Church of England may be engaged in a cover-up, and for additional details of this sordid case.

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