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#Metoo: Why I Left The Episcopal Church

Having spent almost my entire life in The Episcopal Church (TEC), and being an unabashed liberal, some might say I would seem an unlikely candidate to leave TEC. But that’s exactly what I recently did, and I’d like to share … Continue reading

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Anglican Consultative Council’s Safe Church Commission Gives Grounds for Hope

One of the disappointing things about many progressive churches, including The Episcopal Church (of which I am a member), is that they largely ignore abuse within the church that doesn’t involve sex, drugs, violence, or mayhem. That is unfortunate, for … Continue reading

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When Nice Ain’t So Nice: Eight Dangers of Being Churchy Nice

Some years ago, BYU magazine ran a great article titled, “When Nice Ain’t So Nice.” It was a telling and insightful look into LDS society, which often places a high priority on being nice, even when perhaps not the right … Continue reading

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Dear Church: Ten Things I Hate About You

Okay, so right about now, you probably think I’m a millennial. The reality is far different. I’m a cradle Episcopalian, active in my church and community, and I love the people in my church. I’m also in my 50’s — … Continue reading

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The Need for Congregational Ethics Policies in The Episcopal Church and Other Progressive Faith Communities

My bet is that, when you saw the title of this post, you thought, “Why would we need that? This is a church, after all.” Or, you said to yourself, “Doesn’t the Bible provide the guidance we need?” Natural reactions, … Continue reading

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