Title IV Panel Prohibits Bishop Bruno From Selling St. James the Great

In a stunning development, senior Episcopal Church officials issued an order prohibiting Bishop Bruno from selling the property of St. James the Great, located in Newport Beach CA.

The move comes as a church disciplinary board considers formal charges against the bishop, based on accusations that the bishop engaged in deceptive conduct in conjunction with a prior attempted sale of the building.

The order was issued on an emergency basis after evidence allegedly arose suggesting that the property has been placed in escrow. When asked about this, Bruno’s attorney allegedly failed to respond.

My take: If Bishop Bruno indeed attempted an end-run around the Hearing Panel, doing so is a slap in the face to the national church and virtually guarantees a harsh outcome for Bishop Bruno. A foolish move on his part and proof positive that +Bruno is misusing his authority.

Details at https://www.episcopalcafe.com/bishop-bruno-enjoined-from-selling-st-james-property/

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