UPDATE: Fr. Rian Adams Alleged Road Rage Case

News media report that the bishop of Western North Carolina,  José Antonio McLoughlin, has issued the following statement:

“As bishop of Western North Carolina, I want to note that consultation and conversation are underway. Pastoral care is being provided to Father Adams, his family and his congregation. It is best to remember that, as in all situations, there are many facets to consider. We believe in, and will follow, all formal processes. I ask that you continue to keep everyone in your prayers.”

Meanwhile, the Palm Beach Post has obtained police dashcam video footage of the incident, parts of which are now available on the Post website. The video shows Adams and a female passenger complying with police commands. Subsequently, he appears to deny displaying a weapon, stating that the magazine for the weapon has remained in the glove compartment, and stating that he has a Florida concealed weapons permit.

Access the Post article and video here.

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